15 Best Long Wavy Hairstyles

A long curly hairstyle always creates a gorgeous and sexy effect. The soft curls bring add much volume and bounce to the usual hair. In addition, you can curl all your completely or partly according to your face shape and hair texture.

To make the curly hairstyle more charming and impressive, you can add it with a gorgeous French braid or waterfall braid which are perfectly polished and romantic for day or night. You can also add a cute side fishtail braid and pair it with a cool scarf. Some hairspray and seem are needed to keep the curls bouncy and shine.

Long Curly Hairstyles: Tied up hairstyles for long curly hair /Source

Soft and voluminous curls accessorize the glamorous long auburn hairstyle and bring much volume and femininity. The soft stunning twist accentuates the flawless and modern hairstyle. The curly hairstyle is full of grace and seductive attitude. Some shine spray can keep the glamorous long hair healthy and lustrous.

Long Curly Hairstyles: Waterfall braid into curly hair /Source

The adorable and gorgeous waterfall braid adds more fun and feminine factors to the enhancing and luscious long curly hairstyle. The fabulous and charming long curly hairstyle is perfect option for holidays and outgoing. The stylish waterfall braid looks romantic and is of minimum styling effort.

Long Curly Hairstyles: Long hair with red highlights /Source

This fiery red with loads of flattering curls with supernatural radiance look amazing and eye-catching. The long curly hairstyle offers people a rebellious yet elegant angelic look. The lengthy hairstyle is suitable for thinner hair because the loose curls bring much fullness, movement and volume. The super modern hairstyle can earn a number of head-turns so it can be perfect for outgoing and parties.

Long Curly Hairstyles: Beautiful prom hairstyles for long hair /Source

This is an unbeatable messy prom hairstyle. The bouncy and seductive curls just sit on the back tenderly. The charming curly hairstyle can hide the wide cheek and make a square face slimmer. The long polished hairstyle with shining pins is perfect for day or night. You can also gain the interesting and romantic curls with a curling iron and some styling product.

Long Curly Hairstyles: Ombre Hairstyles for Girls /Source

This is a gorgeous cascading curly hairstyle coming with enough seductive and feminine power. The beautiful long well-defined curls add much fullness. This splendid long curly hairstyle is awesome for people with a slender face. This magnificent hairstyle can be your saviors at bad hair days.

Long Curly Hairstyles: Waterfall braid with curls /Source

The sweet waterfall braid bring instant interest to the long charming and voluminous curly hairstyle. The luscious length is enhanced by the soft gorgeous curls which bring the look shape and movement. the look ly. The adorable ultra-voguish hairstyle can earn many admiring glances.A bit of mousse can help brings out the natural curls more and make them more ravishing.

Long Curly Hairstyles: Waterfall braid with curls for prom /Source

This long hairstyle features cute adorable braid and long soft curls. This gorgeous various layers soften and balance the casual volume. The front side hair is created into two paralleled braided and then the hair ends are fixed. This pretty hairstyle is proper for people with round face structures and suitable for all occasions. The luscious long hairstyle is excellent for people searching for a wonderful hairstyle with a lot of bounce to gain turn heads.

Long Curly Hairstyles: Red hair with blonde highlights /Source

This is a charming attracting long layered hairstyle with muliti-tones. The choppy layers and soft curls refine the shape and add much texture to the fabulous look. The fabulous long hairstyle looks magnificent and cool and truly grab much attention.

Long Curly Hairstyles: Ombre hairstyles with layers /Source

This long curly hairstyle has a brilliant tone. The dainty hairstyle has soft curs bring a lot of boost, volumes and fullness. The hairstyle is excellent for people with larger, longer faces since the width of the curls can make your face smaller. The gorgeous long curly hairstyle is certain to attract head turns.

Long Curly Hair Styles: Voluminous curls /Source

The long hairstyle seatures brillant red color and volumious curls which are enough to gain head turns. Long neat bangs are swept side to soften the excellent hairstyle and complete the whole smashing layered look ideally. The textured hairstyle with a lot of bounce and movement is proper for round face structures.

Long Curly Hair Styles: Homecoming Hairstyle Ideas /Source

The exciting dizzying long hairstyle shows off the loose charming curls which create much movement, bounce and softness. The full-bodied curly hairstyle will work wonders on people with square or long face shapes. This long hairstyle with mass of curls and curves is ideal for people searching for a hairstyle with attitude. This daisy hairstyle is simple to re-create with a large curling iron.

Long Curly Hair Styles: Pretty hairstyles for long hair for girls /Source

The multi-toned bouncy and sexy hairstyle combines organic, flowing lines and texture. The innovative combination of teal green colors looks cool and breath-taking. The mid-lengths to hair ends are set in rollers to define the soft curls. The chic hairstyle looks like a piece of picture so it is certain to wow the crowds. Some styling spray can keep it shine and lustrous longer.

Long Curly Hairstyles 2014: Cute hairstyle for ombre hair /Source

The long flowing softly-blown hairstyle showcases fluid curls, volume and shape. The elaborate brillant bow accessory create some cuteness and romantic.This sophisticated long hairstyle can be styled for all occasions. The long curly hairstyle can be achieved with a comb and curling iron. Some smoothing product can help keep it admiring longer.

Long Curly Hairstyles 2014: Brown hair with blonde highlights /Source

The sumptuous curls begin around the chin and casually fall on the back. The long bouncy messy curls boost tons of volume. The whole hairstyle offers people a sexy, exceptional and unbeatable effect. A light mist of hairspray can help hold the tumbling curls in place.

Prom Long Hairstyles: Waterfall braid with spiral curls /Source

The delicate waterfall braid and the long luscious spiral curls are super modern and impreeisve. The radiant charming braid offers a adorable and fun look. This splendid hairstyle is proper for dates and outdoor. Some hold hairspray can keep the glamorous curls in place and bouncy.

Long Curly Hairstyles /Source

The gorgeous bouncy curls cascade down one shoulder in a flattering and sexy way. The volumious curls increase amazing volume nas shape to the whole look. This glamorous hairstyle creates a graceful and luscious look and can be great for formal events. The glamorous curls can be created with thick barreled curling iron. Some shine hairspray can keep the glamorous long hair healthy and lustrous.

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